5G COMPASS Work Packages

5G-COMPASS consists of 6 work packages (WP), one administrative and five technical.

Work Package 01

Coordination and Management

The 5G-COMPASS consortium consist of 15 partners and is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute. …

Work Package 02

Requirements, System Concept, Interfaces, Standardisation

WP2 aims to develop a system concept for the greatest possible variety of …

Work Package 03

Transmission and Physical Layer (PHY)

The development of technology components for FttR, WLAN and LAN takes place in WP3. The goal is to prepare the components for heterogeneous building networking in 5G. In ge- neral, there are currently no solutions and products for heterogeneous building networking as envisaged in this project widely available in the global markets.

Work Package 04

Media Access (MAC)

WP4 will investigate, develop and evalua- te approaches for coordinated multiple access in WLAN and LiFi access points over PON and PLC networks. …

Work Package 05

Security and Network Management

WP5 examines the secure connection to the 5G core network and the integration of end-to-end applications.

Work Package 06


The partners WvSC (application field ma- nufacturing industry), UniL/ICCAS (medi- cal care), HHI (office workplaces) and HSN (home networks in rural scenarios) will …